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101. Limo on 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show

Revolution Breeze SKYWALKER in intermediate class exc 1, CWC


Limo is now Champion of Poland! Big Congrats Limo and Julija!


95. Great news from Estonia!

IDS in Estonia, Valga.
Revolution Breeze Skywalker ( aka Limo) - brand new Estonian Junior champion 
Tiltes he got there - jcac, jbob, BOB and BOG 4 (at age of 12 months old!)

Bravo Limo! Congrats Julija!!


90. We have first young champion in our family!

We have first young champion in our S - litter! 
Revolution Breeze SKYWALKER - Limo has just became Junior Champion of Lithuania! 
This weekend he took part in two International Dog Shows in Kaunas getting twice 1/2, Junior Winner, BOB junior and BOS! 
He will have great first diploma made only on CACIB shows and being once Best of Breed and twice Best of Sex. 
Limo is not even one yers old! 
Great job little JEDI! Go this way! 
We are very proud of him! 
Big Congrats for his owner Julija!
I'm so happy that he was just waiting for you!


85. Great news from Vilnus!

Our beloved Limo took part in two international dog shows in Vilnus. He did his best!

16.12.17  - Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed
17.12.17 - Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed and Best of Breed!


Limo is only 10 months old and he got his first BOB standing in line up with great dogs. We are very proud of him! We hope he will have great future! Congrat Julija! We love you Limo!