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110. Duo Cacib Nitra

Our team on DuoCacib Nitra
Greta - Yukki Hill TO KISS AND TO HUG: 2xCACIB, 1xBOS, 1xBOB! Greta is now GrandChampion of Slovakia!
Sheck - Revolution Breeze SHECK EXLEY: 1xCAJC! Sheck is now Junior Champion of Slovakia!
Pepper - Revolution Breeze SHOT OF FINLANDIA: 1xCAJC!

On Saturday Sheck was shortlisted to best three from juniors of group 7!!!! 


88. WOSP Final - Szczecin


Our Sheck exley with his owner Natalia are playing for famous WOSP!


87. Great walk with friends


Setters love great walks more than any shows! We had great weekend!


Our team

Our team

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50. Tiami on tricks semiar :)

Our Tiami took part in tricks seminar. She had great fun.

She proved that Gordon Setter is quite multi-purposed breed:)

Tiami is very clever doggie and she always does her best at every kind of work.