Puppies in our kennel will not appear very often but every litter will be planned to give a chance to future puppies to get from their parents all that we love in Gordon Setters. We will do our best to make the kids leaving our home brave, courageous and ready to live in new loving families and for new challenges.

If you are interested in having puppy from our kennel, please take a look on our breeding plans and don’t hesitate to contact us. You should also watch our gallery, look how our dogs live their everyday life and make sure that you are able to give to our kid such a good life!

It is said that breeding equals breed improvement and this is exactly what we are aiming for. We have courage to admit that not every puppy is an outstanding representative of its breed, even if a puppy comes from our dream coupling. We won’t deceive future owners that each of our puppies is good enough for dog shows. However, we feel that each dog, regardless of appearance, deserves the best possible home, and this is what we will seek for our children.

Our goal is dog breeding, not mass production of puppies.

We require neither having houses with gardens nor some spoken assurances about lack of professional life from the future owners of our puppies. We require providing an adequate amount of love, having time and willingness to help our puppies to grow to be healthy and happy representatives of their breed. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to assure the basic needs fulfillment for a dog. So if you imagine your dog more as a beautiful, shiny animal, gracefully flowing with you through a park, just like in the show ring, rather than a wet, muddy creature, who has just dipped in a ditch and now is planning on finding some pheasants, don’t ask us for a puppy. We want our puppies to live at homes where their needs are understood, and where they are not treated as showmen. Show lasts for only a moment, the rest is an ordinary life, which you will share with your Gordon in good and bad moments for over a dozen of years. The future owner of a Gordon doesn’t need to be a hunter, but should be aware of this breed’s needs.

In our kennel we want to choose our puppies parents in such a way as to assure that we, ourselves, would buy a puppy from the coupling. The appearance of future parents is important to us, but the health, temperament, and character are even more. We are aware that our children are our visiting-cards and we will be responsible for them for the rest of the life.

We want to stay in touch with new owners of our puppies. We are also available to answer any questions and we offer support in raising a dog in order to assure that a dog will be such a joy as our dogs are to us.

Each puppy leaving our house will receive export pedigree, passport, veterinary records, and a layette including dog food reserve and anything that could be needed in the first moments in a new house.

We don't sell non pedigree, unregistered puppies