Planned litters

We don’t have puppies at this moment. We are planning puppies in 2018. This time our Ronja will become a mother. If you are interested to get puppy from us, you just want to know us better don’t hesitate to contact us. Our home is always open for dog lovers but you should remember that you will be dreaming about having a Gordon Setter because our girls are stealing hearts.

Previous litters

S - Litter

On 4th of February 2017 our Greta gave birth to 13 healthy puppies. We said hello to nine handsome boys and four sweet girls. They are all at new families and everyday they give a lot of joy to new owners. Most of them will be shown at dog shows.

Revolution Breeze SHOT OF FINLANDIA – Pepper stayed with us. She lives with family of Jagoda Cook who is her co-owner
Revolution Breeze SMASHING PUMPKIN – Dorka lives in Czech Republic with Klara and her family
Revolution Breeze SAVE THE REBELLION – Kapri lives in Poland, near Opole with Robert, Natalia and their family
Revolution Breeze SPUMANTE SWEET – Sally lives in Germany with Friedhelm, Susanne and their sons

Revolution Breeze SHECK EXLEY – Sheck stayed with us. Sheck lives with his co-owner Natalia Paradowska and her family
Revolution Breeze STARKILLER – Leon went to Finland. He lives with his dad, Sari and her family
Revolution Breeze STORMTROOPER TO RELATIVITY – Roque went to USA when he lives in California with Denise and her family
Revolution Breeze SAW GERRERA – Franek lives in Poland, in Nadolice with Agnieszka and Filip
Revolution Breeze SPARTACUS – Spartaś lives in Poland, in Kamieniec with Kasia and her family
Revolution Breeze SIRIUS BLACK – Sirius lives with Ania in Wrocław
Revolution Breeze STAR OF RED DOBLO – Gromit lives in Poland, in Poznan with Ewa, Michal, Fionaand Fiodor
Revolution Breeze SKYWALKER – Limo lives in Lithuania with Julija and her family
Revolution Breeze SUPER ROYAL BABY – George lives in Wroclaw with Marcela & Dawid

After months of searching we chose a father of Greta’s first puppies. It’s a gorgeous dog with very original pedigree – Pablo. From father’s side his pedigree is based on lines from US. The grandfather of puppies is the American dog SPRING RUN AND GILNOCKIE FEAST YOUR EYES, whose father is my beloved Carson - Firethorn SANDPIPER AND EASY ON THE EYES. Mother of Pablo is lovely Lola - Showpoint DO IT AGAIN - a girl with great personality.

Pablo is completely health checked, healthy, with great temperament typical for this breed and fantastic exterior.

He looks like a real male with very masculine head expression. He has perfect top line and very good quality of coat.

More about Pablo:

Pablo in breeding database:

Pablo (Silent North EYECON)



Greta has great show achievements. She is appreciated by judges from all over the world and often wins even on big shows. Her father is the brother of our Ronja - Mak (Yukki Hill WIZARD OF GORDON CASTLE) and her mother is charming Ginger (Yukki Hill MY FAIR LADY). Greta's grandfather is the legendary Triseter Ebonie NIRVANA, which for me is the definition of Gordon and her grandmother is great girl Feline (Yukki Hill SNOW QUEEN). Another grandmother of Greta is a very titled Elly (showpoint BE POP A LULA) who is still in great shape and health condition, and her grandfather is very famous dog Triseter Ebonie ZEUS.

More about Greta you can read here:

Greta (Yukki Hill TO KISS AND TO HUG)

Mak (Yukki Hill WIZARD OF GORDON CASTLE) i Ginger (Yukki Hill MY FAIR LADY)

Nirvana (Triseter EBONIE NIRVANA) i Feline (Yukki Hill SNOW QUEEN)

Zeus (Triseter EBONIE ZEUS) i Elly (Showpoint BE POP A LULA)

This pedigree combines American lines new for this part of Europe with the classic Australian pedigree of our Greta by the strong traditional breeding line. We dreamed of this combination. Pablo made a big impression on us. This is exactly the dog, what we wanted. In this pedigree we have the winners of European and World dog shows and also of the Westminster.

We also had the opportunity to meet Pablo’s family and Greta’s family, and we can be sure that they are happy, mentally balanced, great dogs.

Puppies’ pedigree

Both parents are completely health checked – HD A/A, ED 0/0 and pra rcd4 clear.

Both parents are first of all family dogs and best friends. They live at home, go on walks, run without leash and take part in sport activities. They are also travelers and have no stress at new places and in new situations. They live with others dogs and have great relationship with the rest of pack. They have no problem with other dogs but they really loves people.

When you decide to have a puppy after this special girl and special boy, you should remember that her puppies probably will also inherit their party character. We strongly believe that their kids will bring to new owners a lot of joy and they will for sure test their patience and sense of humor.

We are extremely proud that at our home we can raise puppies which are the result of many years of work of the best breeders in the world. For our kids from dreams, we are looking for very good, special homes.