TIAMAT Shadow Dog

(GIPSY QUEEN Shadow Dog & TOKAJ Klan Basów)

Date of birth: 23.07.2010
Breeder: Beata i Robert Gnyp, kennel Shadow Dog

Pra rcd4: Carrier
Full dentition, correct occlusion
Junior Champion of Poland
Champion of Poland

Hunt test: first degree diploma, 95/100 points, 3rd placement at the age of 9 months

Tiamat is our first setter, a real dream come truth. Tiamat is a princess by nature. She doesn’t like walking into puddles, nor seeds in the hair and straight after coming back home she expects them to be removed. She pays a lot of attention to her personal hygiene and she’s not thrilled that not all dogs are as clean as she is. Therefore, every morning she cleans not only herself but also Ronja. Sometimes she even suggests us that it is time to clean our ears and that she is willing to take care of it. In the field she shows her almost exuberant hunting instinct and a great passion for work in the water, therefore she jumps into ditches and into puddles of mud with a great pleasure, and she never let an occasion to swim pass. During everyday walks she finds six pheasants, she wouldn’t spurn a duck or even a fox. She is an indefatigable field dog, there is nothing that could exhaust her. She is brave, courageous, tough and fast. When she points, it is obvious that there is a reason. As a four month old puppy she retrieved and proudly brought me a dead crow, letting us know what she wanted to do when she grew up.

She is a bitch of a wonderful character, very obedient, and 100% devoted to us. She doesn’t like everyone, at the walks strange people never interested her, but our friends are her friends and she is usually very hearty and friendly to them.

She is very energetic, talkative and even possibly she suffers from dog ADHD. At the same time she is a sweet, winsome and sensitive creature. She is very empathic and she can scent our moods and she reacts adequately.


I generation II generation III generation IV generation
TOKAJ Klan Basów
Hd A/A
Int.Ch, Int.Show.Ch.
Belgian Ch,
German Ch,
Luxemburg Ch,
Benelux Winner 2001
Best Belgian Gordon Setter 2001
Camelot's Prince Flim-Flam-Man
Vice-World Winner
2x European Winner
Multi.Ch, Int.Ch,
Ch.PL, Hung.Ch,
Lourdace Crispin
Carek Dark Command
Lourdace Bridoon
Virginia vom Frohnhof
DSch.Ch, Dt.Ch.
Assan von Caterhorn
BS, Dt.Ch.(VDH), LS, LJS, EJS, Lessly vom Frohnhof,WJS
Ch.PL, Mł.Ch.PL.
Barbara of Macload
Hd A/A
Vice-World Winner
2x European Winner
Multi.Ch, Int.Ch,
Ch.PL, Hung.Ch,
Lourdace Crispin
Carek Dark Command,
Lourdace Bridoon,
Gloria vom Frohnhof
Ned CH, Dt.CH.
Gaidheal Ruairi'n Tartair
Tina vom Frohnhof
Hd A/A pra rcd4 clear
Bies Bourbon ze Wzgórza Mickiewicza
Club Winner 2002
Polish Champion
Middle and Eastern European
Winner 2001
Hilal Kelvex
Polish.Ch, Polish Junior CH.
Xandor Ykai From Fire'sons Garden
Fascynacja Kelvex
Negri Evita Emir Oryza
Linda z Matejówki
Benita Lamermoor Polish Champion
Junior Polish Champion
Club Winner '98
Polish Winner
Archibald Sandberg
International Ch.
European Champion
World Champion 1995-96-97
Multi Champion
Shannas Journalist
Slovenia Winner Heureka Brenda FT, JS II.c
Egeria At The Smooth River Kelvex Xandor Ykai from Fire Sons Garden
Fascynacja Kelvex