Yukki Hill WAY AHEAD - Ronja

(Yukki Hill SNOW QUEEN & Tiriseter EBONIE NIRVANA)

Date of birth: 10.08.2011
Breeder: Alexandra Tolmacheva, kennel Yukki Hill
Imported from Russia

ED: 0/0
Pra rcd4: carrier
Full dentition, correct occlusion
Champion of Poland

Hunt test: first degree diploma, 90/100 points

Ronja comes from Saint Petersburg. Her arrival in Poland is a proof that dreams come truth.

Ronja is a bitch of a perfect, exceptionally stable and firm character. She is afraid of absolutely nothing and she firmly goes for hers. She has been dreaming about becoming a Batman since she was a little puppy, sometimes giving us a heart attack. The strength of her character guarantees her inviolability. Hardly any dog can beat her in it. Her intelligence and analytical problem solving approach were noticeable since the very first moments of her living at our home. Ronja doesn’t get angry, doesn’t bark when she wants something. She just sits down and thinks about how to get it. Her long eyelashes, black eyes and the charming look help her a lot. She doesn’t speak without a need, but if there is an opinion to be expressed she does it concretely and usually the last word is hers.

Her pedigree name fully describes her character. As well as her home name. Since her childhood she chooses friends carefully, including human friends. Not everyone is worth attention, and you can’t buy her with food or a kind word. However, when she likes someone she shows it with all her heart.

She made her first dead set on a rook in the park, and since she discovered what is being a Gordon about, she has had only one goal – grow up enough to be able to follow Tiamat in a pheasant chase. Ronja is a very affectionate dog and when she wants to show her feelings nothing can stop her. Even at nights she jumps with a running start on our heads, planning on detailed licking us. Since Ronja appeared at our home, Tiamat has been sleeping under a duvet in order to protect herself from Ronja’s inflow of feelings.


I generation II generation III generation IV generation
Triseter Ebonie Nirvana
Hd 5/3 pra rcd4 clear
Triseter Black Vader Ch. Latchmere Navajo Joe Am. Aust Ch. Rockplenty's Quest for Roses (ImpUSA)
Ch. Triseter Black Miranda
Ch. Kqrac Kirrie Krista Ch. Glade Famous Warrior
Triseter Black Kirsty
Triseter Ebonie Lainie
Hd 4/2
Ch Triseter Ebonie Dude Ch. Rokeena Black Thor
Triseter Black Witch
Ch Triseter Ebonie Belie Grand Ch. Latchmere High Flyer
Triseter Black Xtasy
Yukki Hill Snow Queen
Hd A/A
Triseter Ebonie Yarra
Hd 4/2
NZ & Aust Grand Ch. Triseter Black Vader Aust Ch Latchmere Navajo Joe
Aust Ch Kqrac Kirrie Krista
Ch Triseter Ebonie Page Ch Triseter Ebonie Dude
Triseter Ebonie Kirrie
Showpoint Be Pop A Lula Hd A/A Can Am NZ Aust Ch TRISETER EBONIE NIRVANA Aust Grand & NZ Ch Triseter Black Vader
Aust Ch Triseter Ebonie Lainie
Kingpoint Celebrity Am Ch Rivermist Square Dancer
Am Ch Kingpoint Bagheera